I have a wood burning stove, do I need to have the flue cleaned?

Every flue that is in use should be swept regularly to keep it safe and running efficiently. Each time you use your wood burner soot builds up in the flue, increasing the risk of a flue fire or blockage that can cause carbon monoxide in your home. In addition, birds or other animals can leave materials which contribute to an unsafe and inefficient flue.

Ensure your flue is traditionally swept based on the fuel you burn:

  • Smokeless coals – at least once a year
  • Bituminous coal – twice a year
  • Wood – at least twice a year

Wood should be dry and well seasoned, this usually takes about two years. Never use wet or newly felled wood, as this can cause tar to form in the flue.

Make sure that your fire is well ventilated and enough air is coming into the room for an efficient and safe fire.