Chimney Sweep – from £50

Every chimney that is in use should be swept on an annual basis to keep it safe and running efficiently. From £50 per chimney, I will spend around 30 – 45 minutes in your home or business making sure your chimney is ready for the cold months.

A typical visit includes:

  • Visual inspection of the external chimney stack, pot or cowl and internal fireplace
  • Protecting your home with dust sheets
  • Cleaning the fireplace
  • Checking for blockages (eg birds nest) with chimney brushes*
  • Clearing all excess soot from the chimney with my powerful vacuum cleaner
  • Tidying all my equipment away and leaving your home just as I found it

*I will remove small blockages immediately as part of my standard service. If there is a significant blockage (for example if it has been a while since your chimney has been swept) I will discuss with you the extra work required, time it is likely to take and my fee before going ahead.